What clients have said:

“She has a dynamic personality and strong leadership skills. She has proven to be a conscientious, articulate, and passionate advocate for women. She is tireless and dedicated in her commitment to public service.”

— California State Senator Carol Liu
21st Senate District

“Ms. Field is thorough in her research and knowledgeable about our community.”

— Rafi Manoukian, CPA, MBA
Treasurer and former Mayor of Glendale, CA

“Ms. Field has shown herself to be an effective leader, team builder and one who can achieve consensus in the midst of great challenges. She brought her experience and skills to bear on this project and was relentless in the face of obstacles. What could have been expected to take several years to complete was completed in just nine months. I would recommend her without reservation.”

— Paula Petrotta, Executive Director

“ You are doing a wonderful job as our national women's group's president, and I am so glad my prediction that you would successfully lead the group out of last year's turbulent times was correct."

— Marlene Dines, MS, CRC, CPDM

“I am in awe of Pauline's leadership, energy, exuberance and ability to bring together many sectors of a fairly conservative community to support the Commission. She accomplished what many in her community were convinced was not going to happen, overcoming many obstacles with grace, humor and persistence.

Any organization that uses Pauline's talents and expertise will find she not only exceeds their expectations, but they will come away richer for the experience.”

— Kelly Hayes-Raitt, President

“I have been very impressed with Ms. Field's understanding of work processes and her ability to analyze administrative systems. She is very insightful and observant and was quickly able to grasp the issues and goals we set for her assignment. While the results were very positive and made us more effective, we were also very pleased that her study was on budget and she met all the time constraints we presented. I'm appreciative of Ms. Field's excellent contribution to our new way of doing business.”

— Kenneth N. Von Rohr, Director of Corporate Services

“Every other consulting firm gave us large, impressive binders full of recommendations. You gave us a presentation of your findings and, thankfully, persuaded us to have you help us implement the recommendations. The results speak for themselves.”

— Julie Regnier, Sr.VP Human Resources

“The key indicators are really the key to everything. With them you know where to look for problems and for congratulations. I can't understand how any manager can live without them.”

— Ed Hannibal, VP of Administration

“The work being done is making it possible for what would have taken a year to complete, to be done in two months.”

— Jeff Wright, Controller

“I have learned a great deal from Pauline Field about business and how to succeed being a woman in the business and corporate worlds. While obtaining mainly book knowledge at USC, Pauline's experiences broadened my horizon on many crucial business topics. Always eager to share her ideas and opinions, Pauline was very accessible regardless of her heavy task load. She always elaborated on everything that I had questions with, making sure that I understood her clearly. She mentored me through my interviewing process at USC and helped me choose and negotiate the right offer for me.

Pauline always was and still is a great role model for me. She showed me how to overcome barriers that still today women face in the corporate as well as the business world.”

— Anahit Martikyan, Intern

“Pauline Field is both an amazing business leader and wonderfully skilled at sharing the ideas that transform women's roles in business. One of the greatest challenges facing organizations today is the impact over the past 15 years of job sharing, remote teams, and new employees wanting to participate in a 'gig' economy. What has been lost is the contact, participation and continuity in relationships, planning, execution and problem-solving over time that instills the business smarts and interpersonal skills critical to taking on and succeeding in leadership roles in organizations. Through her speaking, coaching, consulting and workshops, Pauline has found graceful and entertaining ways of pulling back the veil and showing women the pathway to become the leaders they aspire to be in their business, community and the broader world.”

— Linda Feinholz, Author, Consultant, Coach

My daughter said you were very helpful,
which I fully expected. You were encouraging
and clear and made her think.

Sharon Roszia
As a middle-aged woman looking to
re-enter the traditional work force for the first
time in ten years, I’ve found myself with
numerous questions and concerns about how to
proceed. In just my first phone call with Pauline,
she was able to address not only some
of the technical aspects of the process,
such as re-working my resume, but the
mental and emotional fears that have
been holding me back as well. Pauline is a
delight and easy to talk to, and I was
comfortable with her immediately.
— Lori Mann, Photographer and Author
“You really know business. I appreciate having
been able to tap into some of your knowledge.”
— Other Voices
“The work being done has made it possible for
what would have taken a year to complete,
to be done in 2 months.”
— Other Voices
“As can be seen by the results, working
with you was effective.”
— Other Voices

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