Our Team

Spinning ideas into gold is easier when you have the right team. At Coach4Women we have expertise, knowledge, experience and… passion

Pauline Field

  • Performing Alchemy since 1982
  • Working with Visionaries, Corporate leaders, Entrepreneurs

Ria Severance

  • Building leaders for over 20 years
  • Working with Executives, Lawyers and Entrepreneurs

Leigh Adams

  • Teambuilder, Artist, Sustainable Landscaper, Teacher
  • Building teams with Creativity through art

We will sit down with you to discuss your needs and objectives which will allow us to identify the amount of time and expertise you need to accomplish those objectives.

You, Visionary

  • You know where you want to go and want to make sure you get there
  • You are on your way but not sure if it’s doable
  • You are on your way but frustrated by circumstances, people, or situations
  • You are accomplished but know more is possible
  • You are accomplished but want to start something new
  • You are not sure if you are on your way but you have a passion, an instinct, a drive leading you to do this

Me, Alchemist

I know

  • Business
  • People
  • How to listen
  • The questions to ask
  • How to speed things up
  • How to slow things down
  • How to get you where you want to go – if you are ready
    • Your idea: I see it and what it will take to spin it into gold
    • Your vision: I hear it and guide you through to the results
    • Your passion: I help cultivate it to blossom and bear fruit

I bring

  • Maturity
  • Experience
  • Wisdom
  • Compassion

Alchemist + Visionary

  • Together: You, your team, your company, your vision and me
  • Together we work to bring your dreams into reality
  • Together we make sure no step is missed
  • Together your blind spots become transparent
  • Together we produce more gold (in whatever form) than you would produce on your own
  • Together we make a difference, have an impact – in your business, your community, the world

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